5 Tips for Mothers in Stem


STEM fields are growing and changing quickly. This means there are many opportunities for women in STEM or girls in tech, but also challenges. As a mother, you may be concerned about working on the go and balancing work and family life. But if you follow these five tips, you can become an integral part of the STEM community and make sure your daughter has a positive experience as well:

1. Demand a seat at the leadership table

  • Mentor other women in STEM.
  • Support organizations that promote women in STEM fields and STEM leadership.
  • Seek opportunities to serve as an executive, board member, or CEO of a STEM-related organization.

2. Find a mentor and a sponsor

A mentor is an individual who has more experience than you and is willing to share that knowledge with you. It is most likely an influential person who can help advance your career by putting in a good word for you or helping set up networking opportunities.

The difference between a mentor and a sponsor? While both might be able to provide similar benefits, mentorships are often informal relationships, while sponsorships tend to be more formalized within an organization. 

So while they are different things, it’s possible they’d both be provided by the same person—or not! It all depends on your situation and what works best for you.

3. Be a model for your daughter

  • Be an inspiration for your daughter.
  • Be a positive role model for your daughter.
  • Be a good example for your daughter.

4. Help other women succeed

One of the best ways to create a supportive environment for women in STEM is to help other women succeed. Women are natural mentors because they have become experts at being mentored themselves. As a result, they can make great mentors and sponsors for other women looking for a career in STEM.

This is especially true when finding mentors and sponsors—two crucial roles that often serve as first steps toward leadership positions. First, when you add up all these incredible female mentors and leaders who have devoted their time, knowledge and experience to help others along their journeys through STEM, it’s no surprise that more opportunities are available today than ever! And since most people need extra encouragement now and then, here’s another tip: ask someone else for help if you need it!

5. Realize your own worth

Learn to value yourself first. Value yourself by being confident in your abilities and kind to yourself. Learn to forgive yourself for past mistakes, learn to celebrate your own successes and say no when necessary; it’s okay! 

Of course, you do not have time for everything, and if that means saying no, then so be it! So if it means taking breaks from work or volunteering with other children, so there is someone else keeping an eye on things, then do that too! 

Intuit experts believe, “Creating an environment that encourages girls from an early age to pursue technology fields is essential in advancing their participation in the workforce.”

It’s about being willing to take risks and make mistakes. It’s about finding your voice and ensuring that others can hear it. Finally, and most importantly, it’s about constantly learning from your own experiences and those of other women working to improve their lives through STEM careers.

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