all else equal, which of the following would tend to cause real gdp per person to rise?


1. a) More people are employed.

2. a More people are married.

The most important reason for rising GDP per person is that more people are employed. If there were no more jobs to be had, the economy would stagnate. It is important to note that a few more people, but not as many, are married.

In order to make it to the marriage age, a person has to have worked for a few years before. Therefore, in order to keep up with the rising income, they are more likely to marry.

If the population remains constant, the number of people employed by the economy would rise. This isn’t the same as creating more jobs. All the jobs being created would just lead people to work longer hours and get less pay.

It’s a bit more complicated, but with more people in the workforce, it would be hard to stay at the same level of income. We can easily say that with a smaller population, the income would be larger because of productivity of the labor force. The idea is that with more people in the workforce, we are also creating more jobs.

people employed by the economy would probably be less happy than those who are employed by the economy. This can be due to an increase in unemployment. Unemployment is something that happens when people can’t find a job, or when people can’t find a job due to a reduction in the supply of jobs, or because people are being laid off due to a recession like we’re seeing here.

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