antojitos definition


A type of rice cake that is typically made with rice, raisins, and sweetened condensed milk.

In the United States, antojitos is often confused with koshari, which is an Italian treat traditionally made with dried fruit. The word “antojitos” comes from the Portuguese word “anottos”, which means “to drink”.

In English, antojitos is most often used as an adjective meaning a dessert that includes fruit, sweets, and milk or cream. The word antojitos is also used as a noun meaning a sweet dessert.

To be honest, I wouldn’t call antojitos a “dessert.” It is a dessert that includes fruit, milk, and/or cream and it is usually made with dried fruit. Antojitos are typically sweet, but it is not always. The word is often used as an adjective to talk about a dessert containing fruit, chocolate, and milk.

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