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dana rae johnson is a self-care guru. You’ll find her on the path of self-acceptance, and she offers guidance on all kinds of topics, including the importance of self-care. In this recent interview on her self-care blog, she talks about the importance of letting go of the past and focusing on the future.

She also discusses the importance of exercising, being honest about how you feel, and finding a way to love yourself.

The point I’m trying to make is that while it’s important to recognize and embrace your own personal struggles, it’s equally important to recognize that everyone else’s struggles are just as important. We are all in this together. As a therapist I’m pretty sure that most of us are still dealing with a lot of things that we may not be entirely aware of.

This week’s quote: “I will not be defined by my past, but my future.

There are a bunch of quotes I’ve already linked to, but the one for today is this one from Dr. Ben Carson: “We are all living in a ‘disease loop’ and we can only fix it if we get rid of the disease itself.

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