dragon fly lighting


It’s said, “The greatest fear of man is not of what is, but of what ought to be.

In the game, dragonflies are said to be the ultimate “creature of darkness”. So basically, they are not supposed to be in the light! This comes from the fact that dragonflies are supposed to be one of the few creatures that are able to survive in the dark. They are able to live in the dark because they have a different type of brain that enables them to perceive light.

Like all the other things that we’ve talked about so far, dragonflies are related to the class of insects known as spiders. This is because dragonflies are able to breathe and move in the dark. Because they are so different than spiders, they must have evolved a way of recognizing the darkness of the night. And as you can imagine, that means that dragonflies are supposed to have a “dark side.

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