emily ears only fan: It’s Not as Difficult as You Think


There are some things in life that you should never do. You might not think that you should get a haircut, but that’s exactly what happened to me.

Well, I had just finished a long day of work and I was on my way home when I got pulled over by a cop officer. He was a nice enough guy, and said he was going to give me a warning. He gave me a ticket for speeding and I was out of that city in two weeks.

The cop was really nice. But I was driving a BMW that was the same year as the cop. I said I was sorry I didn’t have my learner’s permit. He said, “I bet that’s because you’re an idiot.” He then gave me a ticket for speeding and I had to go to court and spend two weeks in jail.

The cop was a bit of a dick, but the whole situation had a nice amount of humor and charm to it. I’ve gotten a couple of speeding tickets myself and the cop is a pretty good guy.

As it turns out, the cop was an idiot, but not that idiot. He was only trying to give me a ticket because he was being a dick and I was having fun. His name is Nick. He was an idiot, but not an idiot that was trying to be nice. He was just being an idiot. His name is Nick.

Nick was an idiot because he was out of his mind. He was a dick. But not an idiot that was trying to be nice. He was just an idiot.

If you’ve ever been the victim of a speed trap, you know what speed traps are. These are tickets that go out to the driver of a vehicle that was going over the speed limit. These tickets are very popular in cities like San Jose, CA, and many other cities in the US.

Yeah, the idea of speeding tickets is pretty damn annoying. I mean, it’s bad enough that cops have to write their stupid tickets, but there’s also the added stress of not being able to pay the $25 fine, and the fact that no tickets are issued if you’ve already paid and the driver has your license. That’s just the type of person who uses speed traps.

Well, to be fair, most people don’t have their license because they’ve been driving since they were 15, or, in the case of the tickets, since they were 16. I mean, sure you can get a speeding ticket for driving like a maniac, but there is a chance you’ll get one if you’re speeding at 70 mph, which is still pretty damn annoying.

Yes, there is a chance youll get a ticket just for driving like a maniac. And yes, there is a chance youll get a ticket for driving like a maniac. But chances are pretty high that getting a ticket for speeding is the same as getting a ticket for murder.

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