Establishing a Financial Account in Cyprus


In recent years, the financial system in Cyprus has grown significantly, facilitating the use of new services by people and businesses. One of the most frequent financial procedures involves numerous forms of transactions; nevertheless, a bank account is required to transfer funds.

Currently, creating a bank account in Cyprus is an easy and quick process. The Cypriot financial system has experienced a significant transformation that has contributed to its growth. The process of opening a bank account in Cyprus is quick and simple for both individuals and businesses. The majority of Cypriot banks provide a variety of services.

Fintech Harbor Consulting attorneys can provide more information on the requirements for opening a business bank account in this country. They can also help with the process of company registration in Cyprus, which includes opening a bank account with a local institution.

Who is eligible for a bank account in Cyprus?

The National Bank of Cyprus permits Cypriot and non-Cypriot people and businesses to open bank accounts in Cyprus for a variety of reasons. Regardless of the kind of bank account required, some documentation must be given to the bank. It is also crucial to note that both people and businesses have complete freedom in selecting the bank with which to do business.

Types of bank accounts that may be opened in Cyprus

Even though some services are comparable, each bank in Cyprus provides its own. The option to choose the kind of bank account to open is one of the most popular services provided by banks in Cyprus. Individuals may create personal and employment bank accounts, whilst businesses may establish corporate bank accounts. E-commerce and other sorts of internet enterprises have the option of establishing merchant accounts. In Cyprus, one may also create a savings account. Those interested in wealth management solutions often establish the latter by maintaining their financial assets in a bank account.

The offshore account is another kind of bank account opened by persons who establish offshore corporations in Cyprus.

How to choose a bank for account opening?

When selecting a bank with which to create an account, several factors must be examined. The first step is to examine the terms imposed by the particular bank. For instance, individuals seeking to create personal bank accounts may be asked to deposit a minimum amount of money upon account opening. The services provided after a person becomes a customer of a bank should also not be overlooked, since they may be an essential factor in selecting a bank.

Those who establish businesses in Cyprus should also evaluate the possibility of international money transfers, particularly if they are foreign shareholders.

Internet banking is also important when opening a bank account in Cyprus; several banks provide it. These services are vital for consumers who need to transfer payments and amend account information. Some activities are limited, and larger changes may need a bank visit. When opening a bank account in Cyprus, consider that English-speaking employees enhance communication.

Those who want loans should consider these services while opening a bank account in Cyprus. Customers often get cheaper interest rates on bank loans.

Our lawyers can help foreign individuals and corporations pick a bank in Cyprus. Our lawyers also help customers create corporate and merchant accounts in Cyprus.

Open a bank account for yourself in Cyprus.

An individual in or outside of Cyprus or a local employer may open a personal bank account. Usually created for pay. There is no difference between a personal and work bank account, however, an account created by a Cypriot employer may have reduced fees and commissions owing to a bank-firm agreement.

If the account was created by the employer, the employment relationship information.

An individual may open a personal bank account in Cyprus with relative ease. The required paperwork for establishing a bank account are:

  • copy of a valid passport, and identification card (some banks demand notarized copies of identification papers); 
  • a utility bill with the applicant’s address (the bill cannot be older than 6 months)
  • a form of application issued by the bank;

Foreign nationals wishing to create bank accounts in Cyprus in 2022 will be required to provide a valid passport.

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