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You might remember the late, great and influential journalist Walter Cronkite, who was famously known for his “news” during the Vietnam War. Cronkite started out as a war correspondent and then moved to Chicago and became a radio personality. In the 1960s and 70s, Cronkite became a nationally syndicated newsman, but in the 80s, he went back to writing his own news.

On his blog, Walter Cronkite News, Walter Cronkite details his love of the Chicago sports and his knowledge of sports history. He also discusses his love of watching TV during the era. The news that Walter Cronkite News provides is a great place to learn about the history and culture of Chicago, and Walter Cronkite really does seem to have a knack for understanding the history of the city.

My wife, who I love dearly, has a tendency to forget that I was there when my father was shot. For example, she thinks I was in Iraq with the Marines when I was a kid. I was, but I never got to see her as a teenager.

I recently read an euless news article wherein he discussed his lifelong love for watching Chicago sports. At the time, I didn’t know anything about this, but I do now. I was so impressed that someone who was so passionate about his love of sports was so passionate about the history of Chicago. I didn’t realize that this meant that he really did love watching Chicago sports.I have a great fondness for watching TV, but I’ve always been partial to my “radio” channels.

Ive always been partial to my radio channels.

As a Chicago sports fan from way back, I must admit that I had a few questions of my own when I watched the Chicago Cubs play the Brewers in the World Series. I was surprised to discover that the Cubs actually lost the game. I had never previously thought of them losing a World Series game. But there wasn’t really any way of knowing.

The Cubs lost to the Brewers in a game that they should have won. They didn’t lose the game because they gave up a late lead. The Cubs lost because they lost the series. They lost because they played stupid, and the Brewers played smarter.

euless was right. It is a sad thing when a team wins a game while playing a team that they should have won.

The Cubs might have lost because of other teams they have lost to. But I think we can all agree that the Cubs are a team that can play better. They have some young, talented players on the team, and they have some veteran, veteran players on the team, and they have some great pitching. It’s not like they don’t have aces, or they have young pitchers who couldn’t pitch at all.

I have to agree with euless. I think the Cubs and the Brewers have played better baseball, and they have some young, talented players on their teams, and their teams are better with some veteran, veteran players on their teams, and their pitching is a little better. But all in all, it is a sad thing that a team has won while playing a team it should have lost to.

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