Flaunt a fabulous dark decor with these suave lighting ideas


A dark decor is not for everybody as many would find the drama and the intensity overwhelming. But if pulled off well, a dark decor would look absolutely stunning and you’ll realise that it is just the modern refinement your home needs. For now, we’re not focusing on the bare essentials like the colours and tones your living space is supposed to flaunt. We are focusing on the lighting designs that would beautifully compliment or complete your dark decor. 

Even if you haven’t planned on getting a dark decor yet, the lighting suggestions we have for you will give your home a perfect foundation to go ahead with dark decor and instil all the primary colour tones and accent colours in your decor. Now, take a look at all the lighting designs and see what you’ve been missing out on. 

1. Lighting designs with dark-tinted shades 

Smokey grey designs have taken the design scene by storm and rightly so. Lighting designs sporting a smokey grey tint have this distinct aura that transforms your space quite effortlessly. Then there are beautiful designs that even create sinuous silhouettes that are simply a treat to the eyes. 

Now when it comes to choosing the designs, you could go for a smokey grey chandelier, pendant light, flush-mounted ceiling light or even a wall light. And you’ll never have to go out of the way to find these designs as you can find them literally anywhere now no matter which lighting store you visit. You can find a chandelier light priced quite reasonably online and a wall light priced decently too, despite the high demand for these particular designs. 

2. Lighting fixtures featuring dark and muted primary colours or accents 

A dark decor is not just about shades of grey and black. You could very well be going with darker tones and shades of other primary colours too. In fact, you can get as creative as you want to be when it comes to choosing the colours. Previously, we talked about how lighting designs with dark-tinted shades create a stirring visual in your living space. Now, we focus on lighting designs with a dark body regardless of the shade they exude. 

LED lighting designs look quite ravishing with a dark finish as it creates a beautiful contrast with the usual high-intensity lighting panel of the fixtures. Similarly, you could go with other non-LED lighting designs too. You just have to make sure that the designs sit well with the entire theme. 

3. Get lighting designs with bigger focal points 

Yes, the whole idea behind dark decor is to give your living space a sombre appearance with a touch of class and elegance. But you need to make sure that the entire dark theme is not overpowering your decor. And that’s why it is advisable to go with lighting designs with a bigger and wider focal point so that there is an emphasis on other decor elements too.

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