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Francine is a fashion and lifestyle blogger from Washington State. My writing style is inspired by her and I hope to continue this theme in my own blog. Francine is also the owner of, as well as the author of six books, a former fashion editor, and the host of The Francine Ramme Show on

Francine’s writing style is similar to my own in that I tend to write about topics that I’m passionate about, and I often do so with a bit of irreverence to my own viewpoint. For instance, I’m not above referencing a few movies that I’ve seen recently, like The Avengers or The Dark Knight. However, whenever I do so Francine takes it as a compliment and not as a personal attack.

The Francine Ramme Show is an online radio show that airs on Im not a radio person myself, and Francine has been so kind as to give me a spot on the program. The show is in the style of a TV show or a movie, so Im able to talk about whatever Im feeling at the time.

The first scene in the trailer is the scene where Brigit and I had a fight a couple of years ago on a beach, while I was there, I was shot in the head by a group of guys who wanted to take them in to a gunfight over a certain way. If you look at the scene, Brigit was shooting at a gunfight. The guys in the group looked as if they were shooting at a gunfight, and a guy was shooting at us.

That’s the first time I saw Brigit in a trailer. I think it’s awesome.

This time around, the guy in the scene is Brigit’s son, Francine Ramme.

Brigits son is a guy who has taken care of a couple of his friends (but mostly family). It’s a good thing we don’t fight on the beach anymore. We should fight on the beach, as we do on the beach.

We were able to pull off the gunfight, or at least the part about the guy shooting at us. It’s a bit like the whole trailer is a flashback to the first time we visited the island, but it’s not, because the guy who shot at us is the same guy who was in the trailer.

The guy who got shot at is a guy named Brigits, son of Francine Ramme. She is the daughter of a man who worked at the beach, but she has no memory of him and cannot remember where she was when he died. She also says she doesn’t know how she got off the island, but she seems to remember that she went to the beach, which she can explain as the island was her home when she was a kid.

Brigits is the daughter of Francine Ramme, the resident of the island. Francine is the mother of Brigits, the daughter of a man who died on the beach. Francine has a memory of being at the beach when her father died, and she can recall him saying he found a strange man at the beach.

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