how old is sophie fergi


Sophie is the first of our three daughters. She’s 10. Soph is the oldest, but she’s the youngest.

Soph is currently in her last year of middle school. The school in this trailer is a high school in central New York. The trailer says it’s a ‘local school,’ which means Soph is in the same school as her older brother. This trailer is from a while back so there have been some changes in the school.

Soph has been living with her parents for the past three years after her mom got fired from her first job. She lives with her grandmother, who is as mean and controlling as her mom, but Soph does have her own room and she seems to get along really well with her grandmother. She also has a pet cat.

Soph has been through some tough times in the last three years. The trailer doesn’t really explain how, but we’re supposed to guess that her grandmother is a vicious, abusive person who wants to kill her. It’s implied that she’s being monitored by the school. When Soph asks her grandmother if she is afraid of her, she tells her daughter that she is. The trailer implies that Soph’s grandmother and the school are somehow connected together.

Soph seems to want to help her grandmother out and has some kind of family bond with her. But the trailer is really vague, and it leaves a lot of room for interpretation. A lot of people have asked why the trailer doesn’t have Sophs grandmother kill herself. Its a mystery I’ve never gotten right.

It’s kind of funny how the trailer hints at a lot of things that are ambiguous in the book. But it’s also very vague. It has a lot of room for interpretation and Soph seems to be interested in her family and her connection to the school. But it’s also quite ambiguous. Its not very clear what Soph is afraid of on the island. It could be that she’s afraid of the Visionaries. Or that she’s afraid of her grandmother. Or the school.

Sophs grandmother is a strong character, and she does seem to have a lot of problems. But in the book, I believe the problem was something else entirely. I think that Soph is afraid of her mother. Or her grandfather. Or the school. But in the book, she has no problem with anyone. She has no reason to be afraid. She doesn’t even seem to be afraid of all the Visionaries together.

It is very interesting that we spend so much time on her fear of her mother. I can think of at least a dozen other ways she could have been afraid of her father, her father’s mother, her grandfather, the school, and even the island itself. But instead, Soph is actually afraid of her mother. I think that is a very interesting way to begin the book, because it shows that Soph has very strong feelings about her own childhood and the way she sees the world.

Soph is a young girl who has lived in the same house since she was a baby. She has to be one of my favorite characters in the game because she is so aware of the world around her, and she looks to her mother for guidance. She’s also a strong voice in the book, and I really enjoyed how her mother, Mrs. Vahn, played with Soph’s emotions and her own very strong feelings.

Soph is also a very likable character, and I wish I could have seen more of her life. But I think that’s because Shes a bit of a badass, and this book is all about her strong emotions and how she views the world. Soph’s mother is also quite self-aware, and this book is full of some of her own self-awareness.

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