How To Plan Your Wedding On A Budget? 7 Amazing Tips!


Weddings are special days, and we all wish to host the best events that aren’t only memorable for us, but also for our guests. Sadly, many people give up on this dream, considering how expensive the arrangements can get. 

According to McMurray, an average wedding in the United States costs around $27,000. It’s mind-boggling considering that some people have this amount as their annual salary. 

But, there are some hacks that you can try in budgeting your wedding. We all should do it because overspending does nobody any good, right? It’s just not ideal to spend everything on the event then be back at square one in the after-wedding.

Now, let’s delve into the tried and true tips collected in this blog. 

Why Wedding on a Budget is Important?

Wedding on a budget is important because it saves the couple from last-minute hassle and monetary mismanagement. Getting into a marriage with lighter minds and happier hearts is more important, and it’s possible when you are not financially straining yourself.

7 Tips to Plan Your Wedding on a Budget

The first step for budget planning  for your wedding is to discuss it with your partner and your loved ones. Talk to them to see if they are on the same page as you. Assess how they want the wedding to go and how money-backed they are to carry the event out. 

Once you’re sure your partner wants the same thing as you, move to the next steps we will tell you in this section. 

1. Invest in Good Jewelry

Wedding jewelry plays a huge role in making the event memorable which needs due attention. Brides usually wear necklaces, delicate bracelets, or elegant hair accessories to accent their bridal look. But, the most important jewelry item in a wedding is a wedding ring. 

Most couples use diamond rings to symbolize their love and unwavering commitment but these diamond rings are expensive. If you are marrying on a budget, you can go for refined and sophisticated wedding bands instead. 

The best part about wedding bands is that their simplicity doesn’t restrict their variety or design. You will have a dozen options to choose from. From unembellished gold and silver bands to ingraved lab-created diamond and crafted metal work, a wedding band will be a  beautiful addition to your look. 

2. Get Married in Winter 

According to the Brides, winter is the cheapest season to get married in the United States. So, you can follow the lead here and plan your wedding in a closed, well-decorated, and warm venue. The venue will impact the prices, so you must consider how and where to carry out the event. 

3. Choose At-Home Wedding Venue

The cost of the venue holds great significance when you are planning to get married on a budget. It can make you spend your pretty penny which you can rather spend on the honeymoon or create special moments for your partner after the event. 

You can save a great sum of money if you choose your home as the venue for the wedding. You will also have a good space if you choose to carry out the event in the backyard. 

You can try different ideas. Plan the seating arrangement in a way that leaves enough space for guests to roam around. For dinner, put up a tent so the food stays fresh and hot until guests come and eat. If you don’t have much room, then you can serve the food inside the house as well.

4. Invite ‘Just’ Your Close Circle

If you decide to have intimate wedding arrangements at your place, you must be calculative when inviting guests. This is crucial when you don’t have an open space at hand to experiment with. Now, the most important part is to talk to the extended family. 

You must be attentive to their emotions in choosing the best words to explain your plan without making them feel they are not included in the wedding. Talk to the people who are important to you and make them understand your situation. This is beneficial because you’ll save 78 dollars and 19 cents on each guest. 

5. Cut Out the Open Bar–Serve Juice

Open bars are expensive, but the fresh juices made at home aren’t. You may still prepare a healthy mojito or single-flavored juices for your guests before they come. 

Put in some lemon slices and mint to make the serving look fancier. Keep a bowl of ice for the guest to have their drink as they like. It will be an experience of its own, and people will love itI

6. Search for Wedding Vendors

Wedding vendors help streamline the wedding event so its important that you pay attention to this factor. What will be best here is equipping yourself with the right knowledge of the market and pricing. 

Touch different localities and choose the one that fits your budget. You don’t have to go low here. A decent vendor with a good track record will do fine. 

Certain websites and apps like Oberlo let you compare the vendors or hire them based on their client success rate. Do your research and then decide. Calculate everything beforehand to stay within the budget.

7. Print and Design Your  DIY Wedding Stationery (Menu, Invites, Guest Wedding Favors)

When getting married on a budget, designing and printing your wedding cards and menus is a good solution. You may include your partner’s and favorite colors in the cards while extracting creative ideas. Pinterest and Instagram influencers will give you many ideas to experiment with. 

Tip: Include a personal touch. Add a line that you both love about your relationship. To make it more special for the guests, personalize by writing something that you remember about them. Give them a reason to join in and be there for you on your special day.

The above-shared tips are effective and practical. You can try them on the go, but you will have to put a good deal of effort into the process. Good luck and best wishes with that.


Weddings are magical events that you will remember all your life. You would want to avoid any mishaps or slips in the process, so everything must be seamless. 

However, budgeting should be at the top of your list. Prioritize what’s more important to you and your partner before you start to cut corners. Follow the tips we have shared with you and share your thoughts about them in the comments. 

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