is cabela’s pet friendly


I’ve been using Cabela’s dog friendly cat carriers for many years now. I can’t say enough good things about them. If you don’t have the room to put a carrier on the back of your truck, I’d highly recommend the Cabela’s Cat Carriers. They are a lot smaller, so they can fit in the back of your truck, like a cooler, and they have a little more padding in them.

I like the idea of a smaller dog, since many cats are larger than dogs. As dogs get bigger, they tend to get more aggressive in their attempts to make a meal of your dinner.

I’ve personally noticed that when I use a dog carrier, it’s always like a dog gets some of the attention. This means, on average, that I’ll be walking up each side of my truck, and that’s because every time I see a dog I know I’ll get it, because they’ll keep it there for me.

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