Islamabad United Vs Multan Sultans: Match Scorecard Review


Islamabad United and Multan Sultans are two popular teams in the Pakistan Super League (PSL), catering to a large fan base of cricket enthusiasts. As these teams clashed in the recent match, fans were on the edge of their seats, waiting to see who would emerge victorious. Let’s delve into a detailed analysis of the Islamabad United vs. Multan Sultans match scorecard review.

Match Overview

The match between Islamabad United and Multan Sultans was a highly anticipated event in the PSL season. The two teams showcased their skills and strategies on the field, generating excitement among fans and experts alike. The competitive spirit was evident throughout the match, making it a thrilling experience for spectators.

Match Scorecard

Islamabad United Innings

  1. Batting Performance
    In the Islamabad United innings, the top-order batsmen displayed a commendable performance, setting a solid foundation for the team. Players like Shadab Khan and Alex Hales played crucial innings, contributing significantly to the team’s total score. The middle-order batsmen also chipped in with crucial runs, ensuring a competitive target for Multan Sultans.

  2. Bowling Performance
    The bowling department of Islamabad United put up a disciplined effort, containing the Multan Sultans batsmen and taking crucial wickets at regular intervals. Bowlers like Hasan Ali and Faheem Ashraf showcased their skills, restricting the opposition’s scoring opportunities.

Multan Sultans Innings

  1. Batting Performance
    The Multan Sultans batsmen faced a challenging target set by Islamabad United and displayed resilience in their pursuit. Players like Shan Masood and Rilee Rossouw exhibited excellent batting skills, steering the team towards the required total. However, the middle and lower-order batsmen struggled to accelerate the run rate, leading to a tense finish.

  2. Bowling Performance
    The bowling lineup of Multan Sultans faced a daunting task against a strong batting unit of Islamabad United. Despite the pressure, bowlers like Imran Tahir and Sohail Tanvir put up a spirited performance, taking crucial wickets and disrupting the opponent’s momentum. However, their efforts fell short as Islamabad United emerged victorious in the end.

Key Highlights

  1. Player of the Match: Shadab Khan (Islamabad United) for his all-round performance.
  2. Highest Run Scorer: Alex Hales (Islamabad United) with a stellar batting display.
  3. Best Bowler: Hasan Ali (Islamabad United) for his disciplined bowling spells.


In conclusion, the match between Islamabad United and Multan Sultans was a gripping contest that enthralled fans with its competitive spirit and display of cricketing skills. While both teams put up a valiant effort, Islamabad United emerged as the victors, showcasing their dominance on the field. The match served as a reminder of the thrilling and unpredictable nature of T20 cricket, keeping fans engaged till the last ball.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Q: Who won the Islamabad United vs. Multan Sultans match?
    A: Islamabad United emerged as the victors in the match against Multan Sultans.

  2. Q: Who was awarded the Player of the Match in the Islamabad United vs. Multan Sultans game?
    A: Shadab Khan from Islamabad United received the Player of the Match award for his all-round performance.

  3. Q: Which player scored the highest runs in the match?
    A: Alex Hales from Islamabad United was the highest run-scorer in the match.

  4. Q: Who was the best bowler in the Islamabad United vs. Multan Sultans match?
    A: Hasan Ali from Islamabad United was regarded as the best bowler for his disciplined spells.

  5. Q: Were there any standout performances from the Multan Sultans team in the match?
    A: Players like Shan Masood and Rilee Rossouw showcased commendable batting performances for Multan Sultans.

This curated match review provides a comprehensive insight into the thrilling encounter between Islamabad United and Multan Sultans, encapsulating the key moments and performances that defined the game.

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