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I am a writer and a blogger and a freelance writer. I have been a full-time freelance writer for many years and have been working as a writer since 2002. I write about topics that interest me including travel, food, personal development, and the arts. My work is online at and at my blog,

My writing has been featured in the New York Times, Paris Review, the Washington Post, Slate, Playboy, and more. I live in Atlanta, Georgia, the same place that inspired the book I’m working on, Deathloop, and I am the author of two novels: the recently published, The Deathloop Bookstore, and the forthcoming, Deathloop: The Book of the Damned. I am also the co-author of the story-driven novel, The End of Days.

I’m going to be on this show for a lot of the coming months, and I hope you are, too. You can find me on Twitter at @josh_brueckner, on Facebook as joshbrueckner, and on Instagram as @joshbrueckner.

josh is the author of a number of novels, including The Deathloop Bookstore, and the forthcoming, End of Days. He is also the co-author of the story-driven novel, End of Days. He also just finished the graphic novel, The End of Days, a book that has been in the works for a while.

Josh is a writer, designer, and musician living in Brooklyn, NY with his wife, Sarah and their two daughters, Olivia and Sophie.

Josh is a graduate of the College of Creative Arts, Parsons School of Design, and the NYU Tisch School for Art and Design. His work has been featured in various publications such as American Artist Magazine, and at the Walker Art Museum, among others.

Josh has a passion for design and the way that technology and fashion intertwine in popular culture. He is a founding member of the NY-based band, The Wailin’ Donkeys, and a frequent DJ on the radio station, The New Music Station.

Josh has been featured on sites like Mashable, The Huffington Post, and The Washington Post, and is a proud member of the Fashion and Culture Association.

Josh Brueckner’s style has always been a little bit eccentric, but he’s always been a bit wild and crazy. He started his modeling career with an internship at a clothing store called The Pink Pony, and after that he worked for a while for the fashion and beauty company, Neue Reviere.

Josh is also a member of the fashion and culture association, and it’s a big club. It really goes beyond just wearing clothes, it includes all sorts of different clothing, such as jewelry, fashion, and accessories. A big part of that is the culture association, which tries to promote the fashion and culture of various countries around the world.

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