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We have a lot of fun Instagraming with our kiddos, so I thought I would share our favorite little instagrams from the last few months. I love using #lexx to share our favorite things and what we bought for our kiddos, and I also like using #lexxlittle to share photos of our little ones.

Our little ones are so tiny, so we decided to share them with everyone in our household.


I don’t generally share my photos on Instagram because I want my family and friends to see it, but I decided to share it anyway because I wanted to be able to tell you about what I bought for my kiddos. They were so excited to see the new shoes and new clothes.

Like I said, lexx is my go-to account because it shares so many of our favorite things and what we bought for our kiddos. I was also very excited to see the new clothes for the little ones. I can’t really say that I’m not looking for a new home, but I feel like this is a really cool way to add a bit of lexx to our lives.

lexx is one of those accounts that makes it look as though we are just shopping for the kids, when in reality we are just shopping for ourselves. I love that you have a lot of different clothes and accessories to chose from. I love the shoes like the ones from Bumble, the pink ones for the girls, the purple ones for the boys, and the black ones for the baby.

The lexx world is all about creativity, playfulness, and individuality. This is what we both love about our work, but also what we both want to spend most of our time doing. The girls want to create a whole playroom for their boys, and the boys want to create a whole playroom for them. It’s all very creative and fun.

Well, in Lexx we have a little bit of everything. I mean, we both like things that are pretty with a twist. The shoes are cute, but they are also very fun to walk around in. The pink shoes for the girls are cute, but they are also functional as well. The purple ones for the boys are adorable, but also useful as well. And the black ones for the baby are fun to wear when we can’t go anywhere without them.

In terms of playrooms, I cant begin to think of a few things that are more fun, or more practical, than something that just uses a bed and a few toys. I mean, that’s just the way my mind works.

I love the way lexx looks. Its very polished and cool. And it’s also very creative. It’s like the perfect pair of shoes for any room in your house.

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