matkahuo means “I am” in Italian. When I first wrote this blog, I was excited to include an Italian translation. In fact, I’m pretty sure we have two different versions of the word. In this blog, I am writing about something I am passionate about. I am excited about my blog and writing.

matkahuolto, on the other hand, means, I am in English. I know, the “English” word is the same as “matkahuolto”, but that is because I think the word “matkahuolto” is actually a slang word meaning, I am in English.

In this blog I am writing for myself and also for others interested in the game, so I’ll include a translation of the game name in Italian. Matkahuolo means, I am in English. I know and I know, I am in English.

There is a lot of buzz about matkahuolto at the moment, but I’m not sure whether it will last. I think there is a lot of buzz that it is going to be a huge hit, but I have my doubts, and I’d like to know why.

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