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I first saw this video on YouTube and was immediately intrigued. This is a game show that you can play on your phone and it is very educational and entertaining. The rules are simple and your goal is simple: to guess the answers right, which is not as easy as it sounds.

The app asks you six questions about your life and then displays a set of six images that are similar to your photo. These images are then grouped together into groups of three. By doing this, you are essentially guessing the answers for the questions. The app also asks you to provide answers to the questions. Once you submit your answers, the app will calculate the answers.

Sounds simple enough, right? Wrong! The app has a whole bunch of issues. First of all, there are no instructions. There is no way to get help, no way to even know what you’ve done wrong. There is no way to save your answers. There are no instructions on how to even know how to answer the questions.

The app is even worse off because you cant save. You cant even see your answers until you click the blue save button, at which point you have to log back in or try again. I can’t even begin to say how bad this app is.

We’re not the only ones with the same complaints. The app has some other issues, too. I think one of the major problems is that the fact that the app is so easy to get into doesn’t make it easy to discover what’s wrong with it. Maybe that’s why it had such a low uptake in the first place. If you had any idea that this was a game at all, you’d be sure to use it as soon as you got your hands on it.

In short, the app is just terrible, and has its share of issues with it. The app is so bad that I can only imagine the people complaining about it are the same people who complain about the iPhone, Android, and the iPad. We are sure to see a lot of people complain about the App Store reviews, and it looks like everyone is really pissed at the iPhone app store.

The iPhone app store reviews seem to be pretty terrible. What? I thought reviews were supposed to be fun.

The iPhone app store seems to be filled with crap, so I am hoping that Motley Fool will give it a chance. There were a lot of positive reviews when the app came out, but that seems to have changed.

I really liked the iPhone app store, but I don’t think the iPhone app store is as bad as people seem to think. There are a few games that I don’t think need a huge marketing campaign to get attention. I really like the “Motley Fool” series and the “Game of Thrones” series. I’d love to see more games based on the TV shows.

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