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Now that you have read my new jewelry reviews, and you are probably aware of my love for nevaeh, it is time to give me a little more insight into the company.

When I first heard about nevaeh and their ‘clash of the nevaeh’ jewelry, my first thought was that they must be some sort of a rip-off. That is, something that is too expensive and yet too expensive without being too difficult, or too cheap and yet too cheap without being too difficult. So I was very excited to learn that nevaeh is actually a very respectable company.

If you’ve been following the nevaeh necklace or earring review, you’ve probably heard that their products are really, really good. So I was really excited to learn that nevaeh is actually a very respectable company.

While nevaeh’s products are really, really good, they aren’t that expensive. To start, their earrings retail for about $30 and you can easily find them for less than $20 at most stores. They also have a store in Las Vegas where you can get a pair for around $10.

The earrings are said to be made from 100% silver and, like many other nevaeh products, they are a one-of-a-kind design. The necklaces are said to be made from 100% copper, and are made from the same material used for the earrings. And if nevaeh is a respectable company, they arent that cheap, either. I found a pair of earrings for $30 at a jewelry store.

They are supposed to look like that, but at least half of them are actually very ugly. The earrings are the worst. They are chunky and the earlobes are stuck together and have holes where the earrings are supposed to be attached. They also have a design flaw where the clasp goes right through the earring. Overall, they arent as bad as a lot of the other nevaeh jewelry I see around.

That being said, I don’t think nevaeh jewelry is that great if you want to impress your girlfriends. The ones I saw were all very cheap and not very “bling.” They dont make really good quality jewelry, either.

So I guess the jewelry I buy at nevaeh is the same jewelry I see at a lot of stores. It just takes a bit more time and effort to get it just right.

But the point I was trying to make is that if you want to get nevaeh jewelry that is great and worth more than $50.00, you gotta go to nevaeh. They have great prices, quality, and service. I have more nevaeh jewelry than I have money, so I go there pretty often. And I love nevaeh. They’re a great company.

In my experience, most nevaeh jewelry is very good quality. And I think it’s about the same price as buying at a store. There is some variation in the materials, and quality of the workmanship from one nevaeh to another. But the general impression I get (and I don’t think it’s all that bad) is that they’re very solid, well made, and have good quality materials, but the work is quite a bit less than what you’d expect.

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