screen bids


Screen bids are exactly what they sound like: a way to get a house bid on your behalf. When you give a screen bid to a real estate agent, they are actually bidding on your behalf. Even though you did not bid directly on the property, they are still able to help you get a better deal.

Screen bidders are a newer, more professional sort of professional, and they may have a lot more experience than you and they do not bid on your behalf. While screen bidders are still in the business of making real estate transactions, in this case they are not bidding on your behalf. With that said, they may still be able to use your information, and if they do, they will need to provide you with a screen bid along with your information.

You may have noticed that the screen bidders you saw in the video were not all men, but this is the exception. Most screen bidders are female and they are also very adept at being able to be in front of a camera and being able to make a bid for you.

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