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In this video, I discuss the three levels of self-awareness. What does it mean to be self-aware? On a personal level, self-awareness means being aware of how we’ve been behaving and what we’ve done. On a professional level, it means being aware of the ways we can make ourselves better.

I think the biggest problem with self-awareness is that it’s hard to do a lot of things we should be, and it’s easy to do a lot of the things that are detrimental to self-awareness. Self-awareness is a big part of the reason why we should be better. For example, I’ve noticed that I tend to try to be less self-involved, and that seems like a good thing.

Some people don’t like “self-aware” because it’s too difficult. That is a problem because it means you’re not “me.” A better term is “better me.” You’re aware that you’re better than you were yesterday and you’re aware that you can’t change. Now, this is where the problem comes in.

Sure, we can all agree that better me is better not me. I mean, I could be better me that way, but a lot of us just don’t like to be the me that we used to be. What you have to realize though is that this is not just about you. This is about the whole society.

I mean, if youve got better me, why would you want to let someone else be better me? Youre better me because youre better at everything. But the society is better me. So, youre better at everything, but youre not the me that you used to be. But it doesnt matter how you are. It just matters that youre better at everything.

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