The Best Neckties To Wear To Office


A well-tied tie is the first serious step in life! 

Do you have an important business meeting and you want to look your best?Don’t think much, just wear a tie! 

A tie is just like the cherry on the cake! Neckties complete the outfit look and make your appearance more appropriate for formal events. 

Whether it’s your first day as an intern or you’ve already been working for many years, you’ll never go wrong with a tie! The workplace isn’t everything about how well you do your job; other things like how well you present yourself also matter a lot!  

Today, we can’t imagine a corporate office without ties. Whether it’s a business proposal event, formal meeting, or official lunch, men always prefer to wear a tie. If you also want to look sharper, more intelligent, and positive, you should start wearing a tie! 

However, selecting the right tie for the workplace can sometimes become a bit challenging. There are numerous ties for men available in the market. From different designs and patterns to various sizes and colors, many factors are responsible for selecting business ties. But you don’t wear a tie in any color and pattern as not all ties work for formal settings. Yes, you’ve to pay attention to all these details; otherwise, instead of polishing your look, you’ll end up ruining the entire outfit. 

Do you often get confused about what type and design you should wear to your workplace? If yes, you’ve come to the right place!  

Today in this blog, we’ve gathered some of the best neckties for men to wear in professional settings. We’ve also explained how to select the best tie for yourself and factors you should keep in mind while wearing a tie for work. 

Let’s dive in. 

    How to Pick the Best Necktie For Work        

Before moving on to the list of the best ties for men, let’s first learn about how to select the one. There are a few things that you should consider before buying a tie for the workplace. They are: 

  • Colors

When selecting a tie for work, always look for the color. This is one of the vital factors to consider. Go with solid colors like blue, black, or brown; if you want to bring some fun, you can also go with light-colored ties like light yellow and ivory. Go with the tie color that specifically goes with most of your outfits. Avoid colors like white, bright red, and orange. 

  • Patterns

Solid color ties are ideal for the workplace, and most of the time, people prefer this only. However, if you want to try a patterned tie for your office, you can go with stripes and polka dots. These two are the most popular patterns for workwear.  

  • Fabrics

Fabrics are important, just like colors and patterns. Always go with fabrics like cotton, polyester, or mixed. Avoid materials like wool, satin, and silk. However, you can wear these materials to formal events and functions. 

Now let’s move on to the list of best neckties for men to wear at the workplace:                                             

The Corporate Stripe

The evergreen and timeless design for formal wear is stripe. Most men prefer wearing this style of tie in their workplaces. A striped tie will go with all kinds of suits and shirts. Suppose you’re going for a business meeting, you can style a striped tie with a plain suit in black or navy color.  

Whether you work in a corporate office, law firm, or finance departments, this tie will never disappoint you! You can buy a striped tie in classic color combinations like white, blue, yellows, and reds.     

The Blue Tie

Do you want to have a tie that goes with every outfit?Buy a blue tie! Today, blue is the new black! This tie color looks really elegant and offers a sophisticated look. The blue color symbolizes honesty, serenity, and stability. 

You can wear this tie with a black suit and even with gray suits. You can even wear a solid blue tie to your interviews to make a first good impression. 

The Burgundy Tie

Another great tie color option is Burgundy. Go with deep and subdued shade hints to get a clean and polished look. This is also a great color to wear to both job interviews and important business functions.    

The Yellow Tie

Bring some fun and pop of color with a yellow outfit. This single tie can completely transform your outfit from boring to cool. Through a yellow tie, people will get to know that you have a fun and whimsical side. 

The yellow color represents happiness, warmth, and optimism. This will show your colleagues that you’re an open and positive person from the inside and outside. Yellow colorties for menare a great option for people working in creative/media jobs.   

The Brown Tie

Have a job interview coming soon, and you’re still confused about your outfit? Grab a black suit and formal shirt and a brown tie! Yes, this is all you got, and your outfit is sorted! 

A brown business tie will give you a slick and subtle look, perfect for job interviews, presentations, or any other formal event.         

Orange, Pink, and Lilac Ties

Don’t like to wear dark and deep colors?No worries, you can wear light shades like orange, pink, and lilac to your workplace. This will work best with formal shirts in white, light blue, or other light colors. These colors are perfect for the spring and summer seasons.    

The Red Tie  

If you want to try something bold for formal events, go with red ties for men! Red shows power and confidence. Red ties have a sharp look and look absolutely gorgeous with deep-colored suits.  


So these are some of the best ties for men. Now you know how to select a tie for your office, formal event, and functions. The black, blue, and brown neckties for men are classic color options for workplaces. However, you can also try light-colored ties in yellow, pink, and lilac shades to add color to your overall outfit look.

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