the default session timeout duration in google analytics is how many minutes?


Google Analytics has a default time-out (session timeout) of 30 minutes.

Google Analytics also displays the number of hits in the last time interval of the last session. The default value for this is 30 minutes in our case, which is a little misleading as it could mean that the number of hits is at its most recent hour-and-a-half or hour-and-a-half, not the entire last hour-and-a-half.

The default value is also misleading as it can be quite a bit different for different pages. For example, in our case, the default value has been set to 30 minutes so that all pages are hit within 30 minutes of each other. For my own site, I’ve just set it to 60 minutes to give the page the time to show up in Google Analytics.

For the “default” session timeout, this is the number of minutes after which session data will be truncated. Generally speaking, this is the value that you set for your page’s “default” session timeout. For instance, if you go to your page from a different domain, the default session timeout is 30 minutes. If you go from a different domain, the default session timeout is 60 minutes.

Google Analytics doesn’t like to be told the default session timeout duration, so if you want to be specific about this setting, you can use the time-window function: time-window:30-minutes. For instance, say I want to set my default session timeout to 15 minutes. I can use time-window:15-minutes.

But it’s always interesting to know exactly how many minutes your website is open to the world. And with session timeout, we’re supposed to be able to tell just how long we’re open, but the way we can tell is by the default session timeout setting. Google Analytics doesn’t want to give us the exact number of minutes our website is open. We just want the default session timeout setting to be 30 minutes.

It seems that because the default session timeout setting isn’t 30 minutes, we can’t even tell how much time Google Analytics is open. It’s up to us, the end user, to tell us that. Now if we knew that we could just set our website to a default of 30 minutes, then we could tell Google Analytics exactly how long we were open to the world.

Setting a default session timeout of 30 minutes is the best way to ensure that our website is open for the maximum amount of time possible. Google Analytics doesn’t allow us to set the default session timeout setting to a specific number of minutes.

The default setting of 30 minutes is still the most common. However, if you’re concerned about time and want your website to stay open for the best possible time possible, go to the Advanced Settings section of your account and set the time of your website to the maximum number of minutes your website can be open.

Setting the default time of a website to the maximum number of minutes possible increases the “open for the maximum time possible” setting and is generally recommended for a site that handles lots of visitors.

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