Traunche is a dish that has been around forever. My grandmother used to serve it at our family’s dinners, and it is the perfect combination of savory and sweet. It is one of those dishes that is best at room temperature and is a great choice for a crowd.

If you’ve ever had it, you know how amazing the aroma is as it cooks. When the food is finished, it is so rich that it is almost like licking an ice-cream cone. I do wish it were thicker though.

Traunche was named after the French word for “pitch,” or the French phrase for “pitchfork.” Traditionally this was used to dip bread in the “pitch” when making French toast. So the dish in my family is very similar to the French toast, but it looks like the French toast that my grandmother used to make.

I love that traunche is so similar to the French toast my grandmother used to make, but I’m a bit disappointed that the only way to eat traunche is with a fork. It’s so easy to do on your laptop.

Traunche is basically the French toast that you eat with a fork and knife. The only differences are that traunche is made with a fork (and a knife). The main difference from a French toast is that the French toast is made with syrup, whereas here they are using plain syrup. This is the same syrup used to make French macarons, which I also love.

If you want to see a more elaborate version of Traunche then check out our video on the video game.

Oh, and if you’re interested in making traunche, you can check out our video on making french toast.

The best thing about traunche is that we have a lot of syrup left over. We also have a recipe for making french toast. In fact, traunche may be the perfect thing for making French toast and french macarons together.

Traunche looks as vibrant and murderous as ever in its new story trailer.

When the trailer first started showing, I was thinking “how fun is this game?” But then I realized it was more fun if I was thinking “how many people can the trailer be?” It looks like a lot of people.

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