Ve Kamleya Lyrics Translation


Ve Kamleya Lyrics Translation

If you are a fan of Punjabi music, you must have come across the catchy and upbeat song “Ve Kamleya” by Joban Sandhu and Sultaan. The song has gained immense popularity among music enthusiasts, not just for its energetic beats but also for its meaningful lyrics. In this article, we will delve into the translation of the lyrics of “Ve Kamleya” to provide a better understanding of the song’s message and emotions.

Verse 1:

The song starts with the lines:

Ve Kamleya ve kamleya, taithon kamleya ae dil
Kamleya ae sohniye, tere pyar da chhil

Here, the singer expresses his emotions by calling out to his beloved, referring to them as “kamleya”, which can be translated to mean ‘crazy’ or ‘unique’. He talks about how his heart is crazy for his beloved and is enchanted by their love.

Jadon milan aaye tu, ohde char c seh zil
Chehre te muskurahat, tere jiven moon hil

The singer describes the joy he feels when he meets his beloved, highlighting the beauty of their smile which makes their face glow like the moon.


The chorus of the song further emphasizes the depth of emotions and affection:

Ve kamleya ve kamleya, taithon kamleya ae dil
Kamleya ae sohniye, tere pyar da chhil
Ve kamleya ve kamleya, tanhiyan ne tu mil
Tanhiyan ne tu mil

The chorus repeats the sentiments expressed in the first verse, highlighting the intensity of the singer’s feelings for their beloved and how meeting them brings joy and fulfillment.

Verse 2:

Moving on to the second verse:

Kahton tharr wale kapde pehan ke rusiye
Dil karta saaf karwa laan ke saari gussa

Here, the singer talks about how his beloved gets angry, possibly indicated by them wearing clothes with bold designs. However, he expresses his desire to mend things and clear away any anger between them.

Asin naal tu come baby, ve khich ke Justice
Baby ae puch mera ki haal ae, ohdon hussyce

The singer hints at a playful banter with his beloved, inviting them to come closer and resolve any issues. He cheekily asks about his well-being and playfully teases about their previous anger.


The bridge of the song conveys a sense of longing and desire:

Kar*an teri wait baby, aja time gavaona ne
Pyaar te bharosa kar baby, aja soniye phone te

The singer expresses his eagerness for his beloved to come and not waste any time. He reassures them of his love and trust, urging them to pick up the phone and talk to him.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Here are some frequently asked questions about the translation of “Ve Kamleya” lyrics:

1. What does “Ve Kamleya” mean in English?
“Ve Kamleya” translates to ‘Oh crazy one’ in English.

2. What is the overall theme of the song “Ve Kamleya”?
The song explores themes of love, affection, longing, and resolving conflicts in relationships.

3. Who are the artists behind the song “Ve Kamleya”?
The song “Ve Kamleya” is sung by Joban Sandhu and Sultaan.

4. How can one relate to the emotions conveyed in the lyrics of “Ve Kamleya”?
The song’s emotional depth and themes of love and reconciliation are relatable to anyone who has experienced the ups and downs of a romantic relationship.

5. Are there any cultural references in the lyrics of “Ve Kamleya”?
The use of Punjabi terms and expressions adds a cultural touch to the lyrics, enhancing the song’s appeal to Punjabi music lovers.

6. What makes the lyrics of “Ve Kamleya” stand out among other Punjabi songs?
The meaningful and emotive lyrics, coupled with a catchy melody, make “Ve Kamleya” a standout song in the Punjabi music scene.

In conclusion, the translation of “Ve Kamleya” lyrics unveils the heartfelt emotions and sentiments embedded in the song. Its themes of love, longing, and reconciliation resonate with listeners, making it a popular choice in the realm of Punjabi music. The song’s lively beats and meaningful lyrics make it a captivating musical experience for audiences worldwide.

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