What Is The Difference Between CATIA & SolidWorks


CATIA focuses primarily on surface modelling and is typically employed by the automotive and aerospace industries. SolidWorks is the modelling of 3D parts and assemblies. Why does Dassault offer SolidWorks and CATIA? Register for the CATIA V5 Training to learn the software thoroughly. 

CATIA vs SolidWorks


CATIA is equipped with versatile and sophisticated sketching, drawing, and modelling tools. 

  • It is a more difficult-to-use program than most, but your extra effort and skill will be rewarded with imaginative and precise results. 
  • This refers to CATIA’s incredibly fluid three-dimensional rendering and Photo-to-Shape app, which enable users to create and develop 3D models from 2D photographs.

SolidWorks’ primary application is three-dimensional modelling, which is industry-leading and widely recognised. 

  • It is parametric modelling software, so when the model’s dimensions are altered, the computer reshapes it. 
  • SolidWorks is excellent for designing machinery-related products. It lacks some essential tools for architecture work.


CATIA offers a cloud-based environment that enables users to collaborate with multiple team members. It can help you capture, store, and share your new ideas. Role-based differentiation of functionality is included. 

CATIA has more than 50 roles accessible at any time, making project management more effortless.

SolidWorks contains a significant amount of the same functionality as CATIA, minus the role-based differentiation of functionality. SolidWorks is user-friendly and intuitive, but its collaborative capabilities are limited. 

They are more concerned with sharing and evaluating than designing or creating projects.


CATIA is a robust program that takes pride in its efficient support system, as every year since 2006, a new version of the software has been released. 

  • It comes with approximately 129 original products that users can utilise, giving them virtually unlimited options. 
  • It also integrates Modelica libraries seamlessly, allowing the CATIA software to fully use them. 
  • CATIA is one of the most adaptable and universal CAD programs on the market, making it an excellent choice if you need to concentrate on the entire project, not just the design phase.

SolidWorks is a “thin” 3D modelling program, which means it keeps the overall process simple and quick, but limits the options and possibilities available within the software. 

  • Modelica libraries are compatible with SolidWorks, but they are not integrated into the software, which restricts their capabilities. 
  • It has dozens of partner products for Product Data Management or CAD design that extend the user’s options. 
  • However, SolidWorks is still lagging in this category compared to the competition.


CATIA is primarily compatible with Windows operating systems, but it is also compatible with Unix. These systems are renowned for their multiuser capabilities and excellent multitasking abilities. It is also accessible via a mobile application via the 3DEXPERIENCE cloud platform from Dassault Systèmes.

SolidWorks is only compatible with Windows computers. If you wish to use it on your Mac computers, there is an option available. This is a new feature that SolidWorks now supports, allowing you to run a virtual Windows in parallel. 

In addition to the difficulty of setting up a virtual version of Windows, there are reportedly significant disadvantages and restrictions with this method. Other SolidWorks products, including drawings, Professional, eDrawings Viewer, and eDrawings, do support macOS.


It can be complex to differentiate between the numerous Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software programs currently available on the market. So, which program do you believe to be the victor following a thorough examination? Learn CATIA V5 Software Courses In Hyderabad to kickstart your CATIA career.

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