What to Consider When Choosing an Auto Repair Shop

Auto Repair Shop

A well-maintained car does more than drive you safely from one place to another. It keeps you safe on the road. It gets you comfortably to where you need to go. But that is only possible when you maintain the vehicle and extend its life. How do you make sure of that? You can do it with car insurance and the best extended car warranty

What a Car Insurance and Extended Warranty Do

Car insurance and extended warranty are different from each other. The car insurance applies when you figure in an accident. It protects the driver and any third party involved in the accident, whether persons or properties. While car owners also use insurance to fix cosmetic problems in the car due to an incident, this isn’t what car insurance is known for. 

On the other hand, an extended car warranty takes effect after the manufacturer’s warranty has expired. If your car needs a repair after the manufacturer’s warranty has ended, the extended warranty takes place. It usually covers the transmission, air-conditioning system, and engine, though it can also cover other components. 

Is it worth it? Yes. Some people think an extended warranty is a waste of money. That is far from the truth. While you need to pay for an extended warranty no matter if you use it or not, the ready protection gives the vehicle owner a piece of mind. 

However, another thing that concerns car owners is how to choose the right car shop. Taking your car to a reputable mechanic will ease your worries and take the burden off your shoulder. Here are the things that you must consider: 

Competent and Professional

A car mechanic must be knowledgeable about the car in question and be professional. Even if the mechanic happens to be your friend, they should treat you as a client. The relationship should still be professional. Reputation is essential for any business. How do other clients know you? What are their reactions to you?

Of course, normally, you wouldn’t get a straight answer from the person in question. You can ask friends, family, and former clients. Maybe they’ve heard of a good car mechanic. 


This is not the most essential factor in choosing a car mechanic. However, it certainly helps if the mechanic has years of experience. This experience will help your most complex cases since the mechanic is familiar with almost all car problems. The process takes longer if the car mechanic has to “practice” fixing your car. 

How do you know if they are experienced or not? It is hard to qualify, but the way they work with you might tell you clues. If they understand the problem once you share what you noticed about the car, that’s a good sign that they have more experience in the matter. 


There are different types of car mechanics. Find a specialist for the kind of car you have. If you have a monster car, you should find someone who works on it. Luxury cars and sports cars should be brought to a garage made for them rather than mechanics who work on standard vehicles. Choosing a shop specializing in the type of vehicle you use will ensure you get the services it needs. 

Certain car spare parts are not immediately available in car mechanic shops. You can consider purchasing the spare parts from the dealership because it usually has the most stock for unique car parts.

License and Certification

There are a lot of shady auto repair services. These fly-by-night auto shops will offer a bargain price to fix your car. Please resist the temptation to say yes because it will create more problems than solve the one you have now. When an unqualified and unauthorized mechanic tinkers with your car, it can void the warranty and lead to more problems.

Require your mechanic to show proof of license and certification. These documents should be plastered all over the walls of their shops. Read and make sure that these are all current. Permits and certificates need to be renewed every year or two. Check the dates of these documents. 

Check the Reviews

Word-of-mouth recommendations are still the best form of advertising and marketing. Ask your friends and family for referrals. More—check reviews written about this particular car mechanic. You can check Yelp, Trustpilot, and Google Reviews. You may want to stay clear of testimonials on the mechanic’s website since they will only post positive write-ups. 

However, it would help if you reconsidered some negative reviews. If the mechanics explain their side of the story, it is worth noting. One negative review should not discourage you from seeking that mechanic’s services.


Before you think about the pricing and convenience, your priority in choosing an auto shop is the legitimacy and reputation of the mechanic. You should make sure that the mechanics can deliver high-quality service. Remember that one wrong move can void the car’s warranty. Bringing your vehicle to licensed, certified, and authorized mechanics will ensure it receives the best care.

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