How to Save Money on where does dez machado live


The best way to find out where dez machado lives is to ask him or her. I have yet to meet anyone who questions the fact that dez lives in the same city as me.

It’s one reason I like talking to strangers. I’m willing to walk around with a camera or a phone camera and ask strangers if they know dez machado, and I’m pretty darn certain that they do. It’s a little weird though, because I don’t know him, and this is the first time I’ve actually been able to say what I’m thinking.

I know dez is probably a lot more interesting to see than me, but I always just assume he’s around and am pretty sure he’s a little creepy. I can’t say that I really like him though. I’m not into him because he just looks so un-cool and he seems so weird.

I think he’s cool. I mean he looks so good with his suit and his hair. Im not sure he’s the most interesting person in the world though. He does seem like he could kick some serious ass if he wanted to.

I am sure dez isnt creepy. He just looks so off. I dont really know him at all. I think he is cool. He doesnt look like the most interesting person. Im not sure what it is. Its just weird.

I actually like him. I just think hes weird. I dont like dez. I think hes a bit un-cool. He doesnt look like the most interesting person. Im not sure what it is. Its just weird.

That’s true. I like dez. He looks like the coolest guy I’ve ever met. There is something about dez that I find really attractive. Maybe it’s because I’m a girl, but I really like dez. I dont know why. I think it’s because he’s so cool. I just dont know. I just feel really attracted to him.

Some of my favorite things include listening to music, watching movies, and talking to people. I like that kind of thing. I never like to watch TV or movies since I can’t really concentrate. I have no interest in talking to other people, so I prefer to just talk to my phone. I like to learn new things, and I like to read. I guess I just like to be involved with things like that.

Like dez, I tend to think of him as a cool guy. Just because, like, he can do all the cool things you can. I don’t think he’s any cooler than I am, or you are. I think he just has a cool personality. I tend to like those types of people. I like to think that that’s why I’m attracted to him.

As for dez, he came to this earth to die. And like I said, I like to think he likes me. I think it would be nice if he liked me back. I think he would even be pretty good at it. But like I said, I prefer not to talk to other people. I like to just focus on myself.

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