Career Paths And Opportunities For Accounting Graduates

Accounting Graduates

Accounting is generally regarded as one of the most difficult yet diverse undergraduate programs offered by universities worldwide. At its core, this course demands proficiency in analytical skills, reading comprehension, and understanding fundamental business concepts. Graduates of this program are typically familiar with various spreadsheet, bookkeeping, and sales tracking applications. Additionally, they often have an extensive background in key business strategies such as sales, marketing, management, and auditing. Accounting graduates are naturally diverse and can work effectively with different career paths. If you are an accounting student or a fresh accounting graduate, here are some options you might want to consider moving forward:

Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

Perhaps the most straightforward career path to take as an accounting graduate is to work on your CPA license. A CPA license is the highest standard of competence in the accounting field. Naturally, this route provides you with the most options regarding jobs and positions. As a licensed accountant, you are eligible to work at public accounting firms with services such as auditing, tax consulting, and general accounting. Public accounting also tends to provide you with lots of experience in the different facets of accounting, from preparing financial statements to conducting budget analysis and working on various financial issues. 

That said, becoming a certified public accountant requires studying and preparing for the licensure exams. The accounting licensure examination is often viewed as the most difficult of standardized exams out there which entails rigorous preparation. Moreover, taking the exams without proper studies is extremely risky as accounting and educational institutions often limit the number of takes you have before having to retake some subjects. This preparatory phase usually means more expenditure, which is why some graduates resort to other career paths.

Non-CPA jobs

Although having a CPA license is beneficial for your career, it is not absolutely necessary for having a decent job. There are great job positions out there that are being offered for those without public licenses. Functions such as staff accounting, bookkeeping, and accounts specialists are constantly in demand in various industries. These options are best suited for those who want to immediately look for jobs upon graduation or those who might want to postpone getting their licenses due to financial concerns. It is important to note that non-CPA jobs are often tied to basic accounting functions as most companies and industries require licenses for more advanced tasks. However, even if this is the case, you can still land a decent job, especially when using an effective resume. If you are uncertain about how to create a good resume, there are various resume examples online to help guide you in creating your own.

Postgraduate studies

Some students may want to pursue a postgraduate program to attain a master’s or doctorate. This route further enhances your knowledge of the accounting field, which could make you more suitable for more advanced functions such as being a professor, analyst, advisor, researcher, or other executive position. Finally, a select few might want to enter law school as accounting is often considered a pre-law course in some countries. 


As mentioned earlier, accounting graduates are well-versed in various business concepts and strategies. Due to this, you might want to consider putting up your own business especially if you have the necessary resources. An extensive background of all the essential concepts may be advantageous for your business endeavor. Ultimately, this route presents you with the greatest challenge as it forces you to be more adaptive, decisive, and responsible regarding your plans and decisions moving forward.


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