The Best 12 Things to Do in Vancouver on A Budget!


Are you thinking about the best place for your next vacation? Are you planning on getting away to a place with lovely natural scenery? It’s time to get fresh air on your next vacation and Vancouver is the city you should be thinking about. A trip to Vancouver, the land of stunning natural outlooks is all you need to relax your mind on your two-weeks vacation.

Apart from the natural sceneries, there are great tourist centers you can plan to visit and enjoy your stay in Vancouver. Also, there are reliable Vancouver car rental services you can employ. Without further ado, let’s quickly take a look at the various Vancouver fun things to do on your next Vancouver travel and within your budget.

What’s your choice?

As I said, what to do in Vancouver Canada on your next visit are quite numerous from parks, galleries, beaches, museums, aquariums, food and drinks, and shopping. So which should we talk about first? Well, let’s start with shopping, then we talk about food & drinks before moving to the others. If possible you can visit all these beautiful Vancouver places.

All you need to do is utilize the services of the cheapest car rental in Vancouver that will provide you with a car of your choice to cruise and enjoy your vacation. Carngo provides one of the cheapest but quality car rental in Vancouver Canada. They have different cars for different needs such as large, medium & small SUVs, 7-passenger vans for families, large trucks, and the like.

1. Vancouver’s Shopping Street.

If you are someone like me, then you will understand that going through beautiful items in a store can be so therapeutic and stress-free. So on your next Vancouver travel, make sure you visit the main shopping street in Vancouver called Robson Street. In this shopping street, you will find different big brands of clothing & fashion accessories for yourself, family or loved ones.

2. Vancouver Brewery

Have you always wanted to know how beers are being brewed? Then you need to take a tour to Grandville Island to see for yourself. Get a jeep from Carngo Vancouver jeep rental services and drive yourself down breathing in the fresh air. In this brewery, not only will you see for yourself how beer is made, but you can also taste it.

3. Grandville Entertainment District

After shopping, then touring the Grandville brewery, you should stay up the night at Grandville and enjoy a good night’s lively scenery at the Grandville entertainment hub. Along the streets, there are historical ballrooms, theaters, restaurants, bars, and the like. This district becomes more lively, especially during weekends.

4. Queen Elizabeth Park

Still, within budget, your visit to Vancouver is not complete without seeing the 130 acres of park and garden named after Queen Elizabeth. Getting a great SUV from a trusted jeep rental, you can easily drive to this park to observe its enthralling beauty. The park is free, but certain entries are paid.

5. Stanley Park, Vancouver

Trust me, this park is fun and interesting. If you have been hearing about rainforests and seeing beautiful pictures of them, it’s time to see them for yourselves. The park is on over 360 hectares of land containing seawall, sky, majestic mountains, and water among others.

6. English Bay Beach

Now, it’s time to go to the beach. There is a way the sky, water, beach sand, and other beautiful things on the beach provide an atmosphere of peace & rest. Even the thought of driving to the beach in a sleek SUV gotten from the Carngo jeep rental is blissful. You definitely should visit this lively beach.

7. Jericho Beach

This beach located in the West is a little bit less lively than English Bay Beach. Nevertheless, if you are planning on staying a while in Vancouver, you could fall in love with this beach. In addition, this beach has a training center where you can learn skin boarding, sailing, and the like.

8. MOA (Museum of Anthropology), Vancouver.

Did you book a Vancouver airport car rental with Carngo? If you are a lover of artifacts, the first place you should stop by coming from the airport is The Museum of Anthropology just 20 minutes from the airport. This museum contains global artifacts, arts, and cultures.

9. Vancouver Art gallery

Still talking about the gallery, sometimes just viewing creativity inspires us. The architectural standing of this 91-year-old art museum inspires creativity. Why not get an SUV from a Vancouver jeep rental company and see this art museum yourself? Take your time to see not only this 15,300 SqM building but also the mesmerizing historic collections in this museum.

10. Window shopping

Am I boring you out with the museums and beaches? How about window shopping? Get a ride from Carngo Vancouver jeep rental and with the air condition perfectly working and soft music playing, drive down to Gastown for an exquisite window shopping. Apartment from the beautiful European apartments that adds beauty to Gastown, there are also flashy stores & boutiques you can window shop.

11. Food Tour

How about a food tour? I wish I could get to have a taste of other continents’ dishes. Seeing that Vancouver has diversities of population, there are varieties of ethnic restaurants there. With a great Vancouver jeep rental, you sure would enjoy your food tour. Examples of these ethnic restaurants are Fassil Ethiopian restaurant, Tamam Palestinian Cuisine, etc.

12. Night Market in Richmond.

Imagine yourself holding hands with your lover while the gentle breeze blows and you walk through the Richmond night market in Vancouver. And after having such great moments your SUV from a reliable Vancouver jeep rental is available to transport you home stress-free. This market has different food to try out & art displays to enjoy.


According to Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), do you know stress is described as a hazard of the workplace with negative health implications? One of the ways to drastically reduce stress & associated health risks is through a fun-filled vacation. And as pointed out, one of the best places to take a break in with natural & historic sceneries is Vancouver. I hope this article has provided the needed information to plan that Vancouver vacation.

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